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A detective, on the run after being accused of killing his family, must prove he is innocent.

Copyrights 2015 Method 8 Arts Academy

Method 8 Arts Academy Suspense Project

Starring: Brian K. West; Dawn Maxwell; Victor Arcenio; LaShawn Conner; Jason Scott; Steve Kountz; Joyce Jones; Cassandra Arcenio; Sade Poindexter; James Jones; Mariah Poindexter; Mikayla Maxwell; Matthew "Mattie" Rovder and Emily Dunn

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The Land of Escobar Part II: Witches & Warlords "The Battle at Antioch"

Description: A group of citizens try to find a way to defend themselves, while the government searches for a boy with the gift to dream.


 Brian K. West as Walter, Joyce Jones as Elda, Victor Arcenio as Vector, Cassandra Arcenio as Luna, Chloe N. Housteau as Polly, LaShawn Conner as Srgt. Conner, Michael Boisselle as Joseph, Hamony Justice DeFrank as Chloe, Marylynn “Lynn” Kirkwood as Croxley, Thomas R. Smith as Father Samuel, Austin Dabney as Billy, Jason G. Scott as Dee, Mia Jeanne Davis as Kris, Jessica L. Berg as Sister Jean, Demetrius A. Clark as Boss, Mark Spayde Jr. as Rock, Kiara Evans as Pitta, Ka’Presha S. Whitted as Allie, Crystal A. Bell as The North Star Angel, and Christopher D. Haddock as Dr. Cain.

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"Indian Summer":

Description: A doctor, who is obsessed with curing

evil, ends up opening dimensions that were meant to be closed.


Sheyra Vazquez as Dr. Tiffany Stewart, Brian K. West as Dr. Jeff Davis, Mia Davis as Pergo, Cornelius Murray as Quinn, RaNiqua Young as Isis, Mya Santiago as Mya, Solomon Kennedy as the evil gatekeeper, Kirena Thorpe as Lamonee, Jessica Berg as Chase, Mark Spayde Sr. the good Minion 1, Mark Spayde Jr. the evil minion, Austin Spayde as the good Minion 2, and Gabriel Vazquez as the good Minion 3

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Miracle The Land of Escobar Part I: "The Birth of the Dreamer'"

Description: A teenage girl has to make a decision to have a child that she did not plan to have. If she makes the right choice the child could save the land of Escobar.


Sheyra Vazquez as Precious, Jessica Berg as Sister Jean, Brian K. West as Walter, Alicia Bednarik as Maryann, Victor Arcenio as Vector, Mia Davis as Kris, Mya Santiago as Mya, Brianna Diaz as Liz, Liz Lopez as Elite Nurse, Ronson McDowell Elite Doctor, Indian 'Raven' McDowell as Waiter, Jennifer Milligan as the angel of life, Leon Evans as Costco, Thomas Smith as Father Samuel, Ms. Andrea as Andrea

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The Land of Escobar Part 3

The Messenger and the Time Trapper

The story of Escobar continues when the citizens get trapped by an evil witch in an imaginary world.


Brian K. West, Joyce Jones, Jennifer Milligan, Adrianna Malley, Morgan Malley, Cassandra Arcenio, Delaney Malley, LaShawn Conner, Kiara Evans, Harmony Defrank, Solomon Kennedy, Victor Arcenio, Jason Scott, and Mikayla Maxwell

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Jackie & the Rabbit's Foot

A desperate doctor goes to the extreme to find a cure for cancer.


Brian K. West, Joyce Jones, Sheyra Vazuez, Solomon Kennedy, Takisha Lamber, Cassandra Arcenio, Edward Frame, Alecia DeFrank, Drew Smith, and Lou O'Neill

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