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Risk Policies:

• Shop at your own risk; if the item doesn't meet your standards, then return it.

• Read at your own risk; if you don't like what you're reading, then don't read it.

• Watch at your own risk; if you don't like what you're watching, then don't watch it.


Talent/Company responsibilities & Policies:

Amended 31Jan2017

• It is the mission of Method 8 to represent talent from the talent's perspective.

• There's only a $28 retainer fee assessed for each project. The $28 is deducted from the talent's earned income for the project. The $28 dollars covers the training and process acclimated before and after each project.

• The talent is subject to bonuses depending on the chief investor of the project.

• Method 8 serves talent, rather rich or poor, and must brief every client on the best avenue for him or her to take in their chosen interest.

• In many ways, clients retain all of their royalties, unless excessive to the point where they may need more representation.

• The client can choose to handle matters on their own.

• Method 8 tries to represent all aspects of the arts. It is the duty of Method 8, as an independent arts company, to help the client reach their vision as an individual in the modern-day market, where they may need representation or advice.

• Each talent serves as an independent contractor who provides their talent and time for the greater good of the public.

• All talent is used accordingly with contracted producers and chief investors.

• Talent or client can request an audit of the project at any time.

• All material is sold through or other ethical distribution sites to prevent theft or plagiarism.

• Radio, stores, or other media can be recommended but must be devised by the chief investor of the project.

• All talent's work is displayed on the website, in hopes of providing more opportunities for the talent.

• Talent can request an estimate for distribution of work.

• All talent must fill out paperwork to establish a firm understanding with Method 8's policies and protocol.

• Only talent that is rejected is talent that is not under ethical influence or behavior or talent that does not comply with moral or ethical standards.

• Talent is not paid to practice.

• If the talent is represented by an agent, then the agent must act on behalf of the talent.

• All union or S.A.G. talent and contractors fall under union and S.A.G. policies.

• When agreeing to participate in the network or participate in a project, each talented individual works together with other talented individuals to encourage and inspire new ideas and create a customer base. Method 8 strives to be a network for creative individuals to expand and have an opportunity to excel in their chosen field of the arts.

• Talent and employees are contracted per project and fall under independent contractor tax laws. Hours are calculated at days end for each project until the goal or project is complete. The chief investor of the project is under his or her payment policies devised in each project. He or she can remit cash, check, credit, work exchange [barter system] or money order once the days work is complete. Contracted actors are paid once the entire project is complete. Pay scale depends on the budget of the project which is projected by the chief investor.

• Method 8 is not an agency but rather a hands-on independent arts company.



Amended 31Jan2017

• Method 8 publishes and produces poetry and literature.

• Method 8 finds song writers, story writers, actors and singers to give them a better opportunity to excel.

• Method 8 publishes moral & ethical stories, music and literature (or stories with an ethical meaning to prove a point.)

• Method 8 provides shelter and studio space for talent to perform if applicable.

• If any services are rendered through Method 8, then the service is assessed and agreed upon by the client and Method 8 as an incentive from the company.


Definition of an investor or sponsor to Method 8:

• A chief investor is defined as anyone sponsoring or giving money for a project to be produced. The investor must state verbally or in writing what they want in return for their investment or contribution.




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